December 1, 2022

16 Days of Activism – An organisation leading change

Today as part of our organisation’s commitment to genderequality, we came together Board and staff, to take action toward theprevention of violence against women through sport. Undertaking a series oftraining sessions including, Gender Equality & Prevention of Violence 101,Embedding Equality & Respect in Sport, and Leading Change, all of which arebuilding the capacity of our staff, Board, and organisation to act as agentsfor change.

By challenging gender inequality in community sport, wecan create inclusive, equitable, healthy, and safe environments for women, men,girls, boys, and gender-diverse people. This helps to prevent violence againstwomen.

Thanks to funding support from the Victorian Government,our organisation has embarked on a project to embed equality and respect insport in the south west, starting right here within our own organisation.

Our project ‘Community Sport: An Equal Playing Field’aims to take a whole of sport approach to the prevention of violence againstwomen, as we work with our local sporting communities to promote and progressgender equality through sport.

Thank you to our project partners, Women’s Health andWellbeing Barwon South West for supporting us on our journey to preventviolence through sport, and facilitating our day of action.